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When our boys were 12 and 10, we got a call from my sister, whom we had just lived with for 8 months while we built a house, that my 12 year old nephew had crashed his computer with viruses from a porn site and that maybe we should talk to our sons about it. We did talk to them and told them that it's fine to be interested and want to look but that maybe the internet isn't the best place to look, since there is some weird stuff out there. We ended up blocking the internet access on the younger one's Ninetendo DS because he was using it in his bedroom to look at porn and we didn't like that we had little control over the content. We opened that access for him around when he was 14 again.

We also decided that since they were interested, that we'd buy magazines, since then at least we'd know the content that they were getting. We got Maxim because it's racy but fully clothed, which seemed to be what the older one mostly wanted. We also got Playboy because, for the most part, they present things tastefully. We have a whole collection of them on a shelf downstairs that they can take from whenever they want and we don't keep track of anything that they have.

I think it's important to emphasis that sex is something natural and something that most people are interested in. I'd try to work out what issues you have about sex, yourself, because it's possible that you'll pass those issues on to your son without meaning to.

My kids are 16 and 18 now. They seem to have a healthy understanding of sex and life, though they haven't dated yet. I'm fine with that, since they'll have plenty of time to be adults eventually.
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