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One more quick question: When I meet this guy tonight, should I tell him that W and I are not having sex, or should I leave that for W and me to work on? I feel the NRE between them is at least partially responsible for that, but should I mention it at all? I don't want to seem controlling, but at the same time I don't want him to think I'm perfectly fine with the status quo, because at this time my own physical and emotional needs are not being met.

Well, actually one more question: This guy's divorce is almost final, although I've heard his W is dragging her feet lately getting some things done about that. Should I talk to him about that, or should I leave that alone? I keep wondering if his feelings toward my wife will change once he's single, as opposed to still married and worried about the appearance of his relationship with my W while he's still working on things like custody of his 15 year-old and division of assets.
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