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The good thing is, everybody's kids are grown and out of the way. That's a major hurdle gone right there. Second, the other wife doesn't know?...uh, ohhhhh, that could be trouble......women have divorced guys just because of "virtual" affairs even though the people involved never even met. I'd be worried if I were him.

It's great that you and your wife have re-connected after so many years. My wife and I found that also. It's a shame that couples fall into that rut, but we are all guilty of it. Life changes, we change. You're not the same person 30 years later. Face it, if we all were happy and content with our lives, none of us would be looking for this forum. For many of us, something is missing, we go looking. Others just muddle through life bored out of their pea-pickin minds. I see couples everyday married for 30, 40-50+ years and they can't even stand to be around eachother. Grumpy, angry, unhappy and uncaring at the end of their lives but it's what they've done for so long, they don't know any other way. Sad.
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