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Wow--thank you all very much for your replies. That was wonderful.

AnnabelMore--You are totally right. I did completely skip the single people. I think I've been so curious about how couples handle this, I failed to do any reading about the perspective of the singles on here. Thank you for pointing that out!

BoringGuy--I don't see the paradox? If I am studying something, then in a way I am a student. If the subject is various ways of life, then am I not studying life? In asking what might be ahead from people who have been where I haven‘t, I see it as being similar to someone asking about travel to a foreign country from people who are natives or frequent travelers. I had hoped that in some ways asking the members here to teach me a bit of what they know would be reasonable. Perhaps your point was that life itself should be the teacher, and that’s valid. To me, however, it seems akin to taking off for that foreign country without a guide book, currency, a translation dictionary, or suitable wardrobe. No doubt I'd learn a lot--if I didn't die within the first 24 hours! I was hoping to have a slightly more....gentle learning experience. :-)

LovingRadiance--I have never studied statistics, but it sounds like you know a lot about it. Before I posted, I was thinking about that statistic you always hear, that 50% of marriages end in divorce. I thought there might be something comparable available, but you all made good points as to why that's not so.

Jane--Thank you very much for your response. It was thought-provoking, and I will go read the links.

GalaGirl--Thank you so much for the additional links. Two of those are ones I had never seen before. I will do some more reading.

I appreciate all your responses.
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