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There is really no way to identify quantifiable statistics on the topic-because there isn't enough relevant research AND by the nature of the beast, poly isn't "accepted" by the mainstream, meaning MANY poly's go "under the radar" by being "in the closet" about their lifestyle-on purpose.

Additionally, it's damn near impossible to identify the "road ahead" for anyone-because one would need to know them well enough to know what issues they would bring to their own future and what positives-as well as any and every person they dated AND how each of those interacted with one another (if at all) AND altogether-AND how any given interaction may or may not cause an additional reaction of it's own (like mixing bleach and ammonia causes a reaction that bleach or ammonia alone do not). Not to mention any potential family members of any partners and yourself who would also impact how things work out....

If you have studied statistics at all-I suggest consider an ANOVA test-figuring that each person would be a variable-and the various personality and personal preference differences would be the other variable. The possibilities are so overwhelming... it wouldn't even be feasible to put it into SPSS and get a sensible output...
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