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Originally Posted by StudentofLife View Post
I undertand individual relationships in any context always have the risk of ending, but I am asking about the general lifestyle.
In my life I avoid putting an expected longevity on my relationships. I hope that as long as my relationship is still healthy and functional it will continue on. I also hope that if it has turned ugly and is showing no signs of correcting that I have the courage to make the reasonable adjustment.

Having said that, in my monogamous history "reasonable adjustment" means "breaking up". In my current poly ideology the way in which I change my activities or outlook can be much more varied. If my sex life with a lover begins to die out, I don't have to break up with them in order to find another partner. I can just spend more sexy time with someone else, which is much more healthy than insisting that my partner jump through hoops to please me. Alternatively, should I decide that I do not enjoy living with my partner but otherwise our relationship is intact I can just make plans to move out - no break up required.
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