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I think PN has read that book LR. I will ask him. Chances are its in his library. Good idea putting away the social networking and technology. I did that this weekend with Mono. We went to my parents place on the island and decided that there would be no phones and we would only use the netbook to hook up to the big screen to watch shows on line.

Mono's phone tramatizes me now. Every time it beeps or he picks it up I have anxiety. I force myself to really look at that and really pay attention to ways to talk myself down. Having him all to myself, without texts, emails, and messages was more helpful to my healing than I thought it would be. I have become anti-phone over one weekend. I was before, but now more than ever.

We spent the weekend chain sawing, chopping and staking wood for my parents, went out for ever meal, met up with a poly woman we met at a Christmas party who lives there, went to the stores in the village, had numerous delicious coffees, lots of sex, read, and stared out the window. It was heavenly. We came home and yesterday had a refreshing conversation about our future and what we are thinking it will be. We are fine. It will be fine. I am confident in "us" again... Cautiously optimistic. I will be fine.
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