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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Instead of mid-life "crisis", I think a better term is mid-life "chaos".
Brene Brown calls it midlife "unravel." Mono pointed that out to me from her book and said that he felt as if he unravelled. Then he said that he felt he was flalling around in the wind (not his words, but I think the imagery matches).. This he said a month after saying he felt tethered by his relationship life. Chaos. Yes. That would describe it. Chaos and confusion.

Fortunately things have settled greatly for him it seems. I continue to torture myself with reminders that lead me to remember that I create my own safety in life. I am responsible for what keeps me emotionally safe. Not out of the woods yet, but with every conversation and every bit of work I do on me, I am getting there. Somewhere.
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