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Well, you sound like you articulated how you feel about things right now pretty darn clear. That part doesn't sound confused to me.

While in polyship, each mini relationship needs it own time, and I get that Sam and Glenn need that. When is the time for Glenn and you and THAT mini rship? Or Sam and you? Or Glen and Sam and You? THOSE dates don't sound like they are happening.

So... are they going to be put on the calendar or not? Because if not, they fail to meet your needs.

I know it is not a fun place to be at right now.

Dealing with the fact that your feelings for them are in the place of A, and dealing with the fact that their feelings back for you are in the place of B. No matter what they might say, their actions speak something else.

So coming to terms with that reality and then trying to decide what to do about it -- I could see where feeling upset/confused could come in there.

What do you most want here? What do you most want to do? How do you want to meet your own needs?


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