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Angry Poly but still Mono?

Okay, so I love my significant others with all that I have and am content with our relationship. MOSTLY. Lately the pair, (they’re married) have been making it seem like a completely monogamous relationship. Planning couples dates, and having me as baby sitter because they want to “celebrate” their marriage and their anniversaries, the simple things that I do not take part of. And I do feel left out.

They made a big deal over their wedding anniversary this past October and now are making a big deal over their 3 year mark of being together as an official couple. So while they are being mono-like I am stuck as the side-show attraction and baby-sitter.

They want to fix things and I understand that. And I want them to be able to grow from their problems and the horrific incidents the two have created. It’s like a world of havoc. And its pissing me off. I mean as far as being poly goes, we are always fighting. So how the hell is polyamory working? And then if I mention something they make it seem like it’s my fault or that I should “understand”. How the hell do I understand being left out of dates? How the hell do I make sense out of the two of them growing and being together and I am just a baby sitter? WHAT THE HELL!

But truthfully it seems like this relationship is no longer polyfidelitous but monogamous with a live-in sex-toy, used for their personal enjoyment and games. And while Sam is unable to do certain things sexually it seems as if I’m doing the things he wants to because she is unable to, like a fill in for her. I don’t know exactly how polyamory works but I’m pretty sure this is not it.

All I really want to know is if there is anyone that can sympathize. That is the "odd one out" in a poly relationship that was a started marriage. Or even being apart of the marriage how can you explain this. I'm not sure how to deal. Help please

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