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"I'm meeting her guy tomorrow night, and I have some questions for you veterans. Should I mention her affair back in 2010?"
That's a tough call. I would probably not mention it, unless:

a) you think she might do it again,
b) it directly comes up in the conversation.

"Also, should I bring up her bi-polar and depression issues?"
That's a 50/50 call. It probably wouldn't hurt to bring it up, but who knows, he may have guessed it already (given the amount of time he's spent with her).

"I don't like having to lie, but I'm not ready to tell our 5 year-old girls about this new relationship. I feel they need stability and routine in their lives, and I don't want them thinking Mommy and Daddy might break up. Maybe in a few years, if this relationship is still going on, I might tell them about it."
I guess it would be helpful to find out (first) whether you and W are going to be staying together. If you are, then it might be fine to tell the kids about the poly thing. The one big caution I usually give about kids is, sometimes they're pretty good at figuring things out on their own, without being told by their parents.

Glad to hear W has at least moved back into the bedroom. Keep us posted.

Kevin T.
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