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Default Entering poly with GF working on jealousy!

Hey guys, just a quick intro here, I don't want to bore anyone with my story

I am 24, been with my GF, "T", now for 5 years. We opened our relationship up about 3 years ago, but never really acted on it. Within the last 6 months though we've isolated the issues that would make the open relationship unsuccessful and are working through them. "T" has serious jealousy and insecurity issues which, from what i've read, are things that make being open very hard for someone. I have yet to act on our open relationship because of these issues, I would hate for something to happen to us because of someone else. Ultimately I want her, I'd love to be in a place where I could be emotionally or sexually attached to another girl but can wait.

She on the other hand has just ventured into a good place with her first ever GF, "K". They have been together for 3-4 months now and are starting to get pretty serious emotionally. "T" has, from the beginning, encouraged me to like "K" as well, which I slowly have. She also knows "K" likes me too and that we both put HER first. We have done well at being completely honest and open about everything but I am so scared of something backfiring here and me losing "T". So I ended up here opening to browse through the forums and find helpful advice

A little more info here on our relationship, "T" is 29 and has been divorced. She has a 6 yr old son who is amazing. "K" is 22 and a student at a local college. It's amazing, because I knew going into all of this that if "T" could find someone that I would be so happy for her. I had no idea how happy it would make me. Seeing "K" interact with "T"'s son so wonderfully, all sitting down for breakfast together, I honestly feel like i've been meant for a poly all along!
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