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Yes, you already answered yourself several times. He is not good for you, and it doesn't sound like he's a considerate partner. It's fine if he doesn't want to have sex with you and you want to accept that, but then there isn't anything kind in informing you how much kinky sex he is having with other people.

Trust your gut here, you gave him his stuff, told him you didn't want to be friends, you think it's stupid that you got back together with him before, and you said you couldn't be with him if he continued to see some of his other partners (I assume for whatever reason you had a problem with the number of partners they have). You told him you don't want to meet his other partners and he ignores you.

I guess you feel like a monster because you think you're supposed to sacrifice yourself if you love somebody? Is that something you get from your churches teachings or earlier in life? You think you're selfish to put yourself first? Obviously love isn't enough, and you'd do better to change your attitude around and realize the best thing you can do for yourself is to put yourself in a position where you take care of yourself, shuck this guilt you have that isn't healthy for anybody.
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