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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
I don't know, but geez... is it possible that he's picking up on your real feelings about him and that that's making it harder for him? To not just be shown up in terms of his wife's desires by another man, but to have it be a man who doesn't even respect him?
I agree with Anna, I can't imagine that none of your [OP] real feelings about this poor guy are apparent. I'm sure you are doing your best "Nah man, I don't think you're a punk" face when you talk to him... but you'd need to be one heck of a liar to pull it off.

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
You're blessed, in most cases two divorces would be happening right now.
I wouldn't start counting those eggs yet. It looks to me like this guy is being bullied into being a cuckold (or at the very least he feels like it). If he is fundamentally monogamous, which is what it sounds like, he may never adopt another way of relating to people. Maybe he'll come around after years of soul searching and research or maybe not. This is a HUGE fundamental worldview change we are talking about, keep that in mind.
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