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why am I poly, or more to the point why does poly work for me?

well, for me thats easy, I've spent far too much of my life thinking and trying to deicde what I want, why I want it, how I want it, why I don't want somehting else and so on............... simply put, I've found my answers.

I AM bisexual, not confused, not greedy, not unwilling to choose, I AM poly, not mono, not confused or anything else. You see, what I discovered along the way to discovering myself is that irregardless of what I try to do, I continually love more than one person, it really is that simple. And for all involved being honest and open and up front about it, is soooooooooo much better and less harmful and less painful then trying to force myself or anyone I love into a box/label/idea/norm we just don't fit into.

what makes me love more than one? that I really don't know, I simply know I do and I am never ever going to lie, or try to be something I'm not or pretend in any manner about it ever again. That way lies far too much pain I've found.

for those who are mono, well thats great for them. mono to me is as foreign as being heterosexual. i thought i was because i didnt know the way i felt was something different, and i was always told/shown/instructed 'love looks like this, it doesnt look like your mind suggests'.

i'm just different, and my love is different.
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