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W has moved back into the bedroom. That's a good sign. I'm meeting her guy tomorrow night, and I have some questions for you veterans. Should I mention her affair back in 2010? She hasn't told him about that. Also, should I bring up her bi-polar and depression issues? Again, he doesn't know about that. I suspect we'll spend a lot of time talking ground rules and discussing ways to keep this relationship out of the public eye, and keep it unknown to most of our friends and family, most of whom would never understand or approve.

The other night, W went to spend some time with her guy, and said she'd see me in a little while. She ended up not getting home at all, saying she overslept, and had to go straight to work. During the night, one of my girls came into our bedroom because of a bad dream, and noticed Mommy wasn't in bed. I lied and told her Mommy was in the bathroom. I don't like having to lie, but I'm not ready to tell our 5 year-old girls about this new relationship. I feel they need stability and routine in their lives, and I don't want them thinking Mommy and Daddy might break up. Maybe in a few years, if this relationship is still going on, I might tell them about it.

What do you guys think?
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