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Default Anniversaries

Saturday marked one year since my Dad died and one month since my old love died.

I woke feeling down and decided to skip heading to work for some overtime. Instead, C and I went for a run and then I took him to my friend's for the weekend and I headed to the city.

I met a wonderful friend for coffee and a chat, then had dinner and drinks with my SO. Then SO and I went to a birthday party where I was able to be silly, intoxicated and over affectionate with some of my friends. The next day, we slept in, went out for lunch and then I headed off to meet some friends for coffee and then to pick C back up again. The friends who were caring for him gave me dinner.

Then C and I came home.

Lovely, lovely weekend filled with love, conversation, friendship, some intense sex and lots and lots of hugs and kisses.

But yesterday, I was down again. Woke feeling sad, cried before work in the morning. In the end, I went to work, spoke to my boss about how I was feeling and took the afternoon off.

C and I went out for a long, slow run together. We kept going until my legs were sore and my mind was empty. Then we spent the evening together watching telly (me) and sleeping (C). And eating (both of us).

I felt better by the end of it and feel mostly okay this morning.

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