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Originally Posted by Petunia View Post
"Hi, I like ur profile, wanna chat? Would u step barefoot on a cake?"

Whoa! That comes across as someone with a serious foot fetish with a very specific proclivity.
Whoa is right! but this gives me the opportunity to ask a question. I mean, stepping barefoot on a cake seems like a very easy thing to do for someone. What turns me off is that is included with 'hello.'

Are there quiet people with ...shall we say, odd tastes, who find people, fall in love for all the traditional reasons, and then ask for stuff like stepping on a cake? Or do they open with cake, and then bemoan the fact that it's difficult to find someone compatible?

I have done far more difficult things, and things that most might find distateful, for someone I love. Things that did not much for much, but were requests by lovers that I was willing to accommodate (or try). So for me, cake doesn't sound all that awful. But it does come across completely squicky with a greeting.
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