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Default Divorce is in the Air!

Hello to all,
I have been very fortunate to receive some most excellent ideas and suggestions on my situation. I followed much of the advice and had a Polyamory Councilor lined up for Wednesday. My wife id conflicted over if she is Lesbian or Bi-sexual. Her new partner has worked very hard to convince her that she is a lesbian and entering into a poly relationship would be fruitless. Additionally, through facebook she has posted a barrage of gay images with cute loving statements. My wife and I sat here this evening and discussed the councilor (I scheduled a female to make her more at ease) and how the main purpose was to initially help her through her sexual identity crisis. The conversation pivoted to "Intervention". This had to planted by the new love, because the actual intention was to allow her to become aware of her actual identity with the help of a professional, not a love lorn partner. Soon the conversation collapsed entirely and when asked point blank about the direction she wished to go, divorce was profoundly declared. Thus ends the avenue for our union to stay intact. I feel that this was a viable alternative, but it was usurped by competition from a determined new partner doling out sensations and euphoric pleasures not experienced in my wife's 42 years. Again, good folks, thank you for the opportunity to salvage my marriage by
rendering exceptional advice and insight.
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