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Originally Posted by [COLOR="RoyalBlue"
JaneQSmythe;179803]Welcome to the forum![/COLOR]
Thank you Jane! Its good to be here.

I, too, was raised in a household that very much encouraged independent thinking and questioning things like "societal programming" and the roles of authority figures and contained a lot of love. My parents paid us a LOT of attention while allowing each of us to pursue our own paths and interests, while asking tons of interesting questions that lead to more questions and more discussion...I can't thank my parents enough for the childhood that they gave me.

It wasn't until my teens that I realized that most people did not have the benefit of such an upbringing.

Wonderful! Its great that you had parents as well that understood the value of their own examples as well as what they taught in other ways. I feel that for those of us that were fortunate enough to have parents like we did, there is quite a "head-start" because there is so much less deprogramming to do.


For me, it was the early influence of reading LOTS of Heinlein (in my pre-teens) - not that he used the term "polyamory" but the concept that love didn't need be limited to TWO people is all through many of his works. [/QUOTE]

Yes, I read those same Heinlein books when I was teen :-)) I did not realize it until now (as you reminded me), but I'm sure they influenced me too...

It was actually my (now) husband who pointed out to me that I was bisexual. It's amusing to me now that, although I had heard the word, it never occurred to me to apply it to myself until he pointed it out.[/QUOTE]

Great! Its also great that you can take it on and run with it. When don't judge ourselves and instead follow our joy, all sorts of wonderful creations come abound!

Dude had never heard the term until I talked about it with him...yet, so much of what I was saying resonated with his own feelings and experiences that it almost a "Well, duh." reaction.l;[/QUOTE]

Yes, I understand. The guys sometimes are not into communicating as much as women and so often its felt but unsaid.

I am glad that you have been happy and at peace. May your journey continue to be fulfilling...whichever roads it takes.[/QUOTE]

Thank you Jane! I extend the same to you; may your heart always lead you to the joy that you are.

Thank you for joining us and sharing your story.[/QUOTE]

You're very welcome! My pleasure. Thank you as well for sharing.



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