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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Just a small little thing to be aware of; asexuality is an identity, like gay or lesbian. Its not something one turns into. Just adding that as an educational piece.
So while we're educating...

Identities can and do change. I identify as asexual at times, other times as sexual. It's not that sometimes I'm just not in the mood so I'm like "I'm asexual today." I lose all interest in sex for extended periods of time, sometimes years. That includes masturbating, watching porn, and getting kinky. During those periods, I identify as asexual. So to me, your statement comes across as the Sexuality Police telling me how I may and may not identify, and I take exception to that.

To say that one's identity cannot change is to assume that sexuality is hard-wired, a claim that is not well-established. For some, it may be the case, for others, not. Personally, I'm inclined to take the viewpoint that a person may identify however they want based on how they are feeling at that point in their lives, and that a person's own feelings and inclinations override the accepted viewpoint of a bunch of biased psychologists who do not live inside my head.
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