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Thank for your reply. I think there is a lot wrong with a 10 year old watching porn! If he were 14 or 16 it would be different. He is still a child and as a child, not ready to cope with the complexity of it all. By his own self-admission, he found himself feeling depressed.

I am much mire li beryl than others (I know people who have 11 year olds and have never discussed sex with them - this actually seems the norm). And much ienjoy more liberal than others - I think sex is for adults, I think it's complex and tied into all sorts of things, not usually just about fucking and having fun. I also think porn is complicated. I do watch and enjoy it, I but I find it extremely male-centric, anti-feminist, and I wonder often if the women are being coerced. They never seem to be enjoying themselves, but showing off for men and seeking approval. This is not all porn, but most.

Part of the pain I am having is watching a child grow up. I don't know if people without children can understand this pain.

I was also unclear, but I don't teach anbistance. I would want, for my son, to have sex with people he loves or cares about.

My own feeling about sex probably are conservative. I believe sex isn't just "fun." I believe, for me, it reaches deeply into who I am, my needs, and neurosis and problems with childhood, etc.
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