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Thanks for the reply, AnnabelMore. Yes, when you put it like that, it's obvious and I feel a bit silly. I guess it's more a question of me realizing late in life that I want to explore feelings for women that I never felt able to up until now, and wanting some sort of guidance because it's a bit overwhelming.

I've found that hearing about other people's experiences in polyamory has really helped me understand some concepts and formulate my own thoughts and feelings on certain issues, and as a result it has opened me up to feeling comfortable with pursuing my ideal lifestyle. It can be reassuring when you know others can relate to how you're feeling. It would be beneficial to me, I think, to read, or hear about other people who explored their sexuality later in life, as opposed to knowing their preference at an early age. How do you identify (your sexual preference) and how/when did you know it?
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