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Default Need Help with Son hitting puberty

My husband and I have been open for three years. During that time I have had two serial relationships and he has had 1. Our son, who is 10, has a vague idea, but doesn't know anything concretely.
Here is the problem. Last night we found out that our son had been watching porn secretly online for a month. One could say I was a bad parent because I trusted him and he knows stuff that is off limits. It was abad mistake on my part, and I've solved that.

What I need help with is how to healthily deal with my sons sexuality when I am so conflicted about my own (my husband feels the same way). When he was small I told him sex is for two committed people who love each other. I knew used the word married because we are super pro-gay and know lots of committed unmarried straights. But now things are more complex. My husband and I have both done stuff that (for myself) I consider slutty (for ME NOT others) and have done a few things less than ethical. For example, my husband was supposed to go to a play-party last night and canceled.

We are both conflicted about what we do sexually. And I'm not sure how to deAL with my son.

A second issue is that my husband GF is very sexual. She constantly wants him to text he dirty messages, go to sex parities, and have a real kink-based relationship. I think it is getting harder for them because he is very very sexual, but has a ton of other commitments. She is single. Like last night, he told me she was disappointed that they didn't go out, and she still wanted sex even tho he had just gone through this and wasn't remotely interested. I worry about both of them, that they are just in such different life spaces that it won't pan out.

Any way, is anyone on here raising a teween/teen boy? He's a scorpio too ! Bla!
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