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Originally Posted by threesnocrowd View Post
What experiences do you guys have of a married couple and the guy's best male friend getting together? Does it end up in happiness or tears more often? Advice? Thoughts? Stories to share?
Dude was MrS's best friend before I ever met him. I think that their friendship is the main reason we got back out of "The Dark Time" which ensued after I handled our initial attraction BADLY in only 10 weeks (you can read the full story of this time period in my "Journey" blog)...I also think this is why they make such good metamours - in addition to both loving me, they genuinely care about each other.

To be fair though, ours is a "Vee" configuration, I don't know what the additional strains of a full "Triad" might add. You would have the added strain of a friendship transitioning to a romantic relationship (which many friendships don't survive if the romance doesn't work out) and the fact that some people might feel like they are competing with each of their lovers for their other lover's affection. (Which is never going to be exactly the same at the same time IMO.)

Me: poly bi female, in an "open-but-not-looking" V-plus with -
MrS: hetero polyflexible male, live-in husband (24+ yrs)
Dude: hetero poly male, live-in boyfriend (6+ yrs) and MrS's BFF
SLeW: platonic hetero girlfriend and BFF
MrClean: hetero mono male, almost lover-friend to me, FWBs to SLeW
+ "others" = FBs, FWBs, lover-friends, platonic G/BFs, boytoys, etc.

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