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I can empathize SweetSensations. In my marriage the drought was not as severe as yours, but I used to practically beg my wife to make love every three weeks or so because I knew it was the only way possible that it would happen. If left to my own desire, I like to make love about six times a week. So, it was difficult finding a way to make it 'workable'. In the end it did not work, but lack of sex was only one contributing factor.

Its hard to avoid feeling frustrated and mad, no question.


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he kept asking me when I would ask for sex. "Well, how often do you want sex?" I would get excited and think wow, I am gonna get sex. I would say -"once a week would be grand!!" It would never come and I said nothing then next quarter he would say "well how often do you want it? " I would say once a week and of course this went on about 5 times. by then years had passed. I didn't ask often, I would shift it inside and get mad.
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