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Originally Posted by Icewraithonyx View Post
I'm not opposed to polyamory. Philosophically, I think it's a valid option. It's a little stickier in real life to practice, but we're working on it. And it's easier to say "Just up and leave" when it's not YOUR long-term relationship and family at stake.
I haven't suggested you up and leave, I merely added a third option to the two grim options provided earlier. In my opinion, assuming that the relationship *must* continue is crippling to making a reasonable decision. I get that you don't want your relationship to end, if you did then you would have just ended it and you wouldn't be on here fielding for advice/input.

I simply wanted to remind everyone that looking at the information reasonably and not arbitrarily throwing out possible outcomes because they are not attractive is the preferable approach. If you decide to stay together and work it out I hope that it is because each of you, as adult individuals made the same decision to do so, not because "the relationship" needed to soldier on.
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