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Default The Gift~

She met her friend out at one of the nicer, remodeled bars in the quaint town known for its trendy nightlife. One of those little towns where they leave the Christmas lights strewn along the downtown streets until March (there were only a few streets where all the fun places were) and where snow adorns everything, even the paths, in its white icy blanket. It was her friend's birthday and they were planning to listen to some local bands; this was her favorite town, and though she did not live here, she frequented it every week now, on her nights without the children.

She felt, as she drove through looking for a parking place on this frigid, clear night, that she was most definitely going to get lucky. She knew that her master was going to give her, somehow, what she needed and wanted, though she didn't, of course, know how. She never knew how, but that was also what made it so freeing and exciting. On the one hand, if nothing happened, she told herself could always make her own fate and pick up a random at the bar (though she never did). They were never interesting to her unless they were those sent by him. On the other hand, she knew Others would be there, and he had the power to make them interact or not interact--as was usually the case--with her. How frustrating those nights had been when she'd talked with the Others and nothing had come from it!

But tonight she felt was different. It wasn't so much that she had precognitive abilities, though she thought it humorous that personality typings always said her particular type DID; it was more that she felt in her gut, and in her very being, that they were at this place in their relationship now. That he was grooming her and she was finally progressing to the place where she was ready for that next step: Going deeper into his world.

He knew her progress because he watched her constantly in his special ways, ways she had been aware of for a while and which she allowed. He demanded complete perspicacity with her, and he took it, even when she had not realized it, even in those moments when feeling exposed took its toll and she just wanted universal isolation from everyone. She never got it. She was his. And she knew it. They were all coming to know it. He was a master who had dark sides and she accepted this. And suspected the best masters do.

So a steady confidence was starting to wash over her in her life and in her persona. She wasn't the heartbroken, clinging heap of a woman she had been since her separation and divorce. Her heart was not shattered anymore, but was slowly healing, thank God. God made her content. But Master made her strong and....happy.

I cannot tell you her name because her real name was for him to use only. He had named her recently and began using her new name in addressing her. Others might know her name, or not. She did not know. So she went by her old name with everyone else, but disliked how it sounded to her. In some ways she felt nameless unless he were calling her by her name. Oh how she longed to be known to everyone by that name! But she knew it was theirs, or more aptly, his, to use as he pleased with her.

The band got set up and started playing its new wave rockabilly cover tunes, and she was less than impressed, though her friend was having the time of her life for her birthday, dancing and laughing. She was itching to go across the street to her favorite bar, but knew she must be a good friend tonight, since she wasn't out alone, as was usual for her. In the beginning, she had hated going out alone because she was naturally a bit shy and felt awkward sitting at the bar quietly staring at a random (to her) ball game, trying not to feel like a bump on a log. But now she was learning how to be alone in a bar, and especially was coming to appreciate live music. She was late learning most things, so while her friends had always loved live music, she had not. She didn't feel so conspicuous alone out anymore, and besides, it gave him more room to work when she was. So she was really missing her freedom tonight, the night she felt like things were going to change.

Then she saw him. He was the one she had seen recently, and had asked Master to resend, because she wanted to get to know him. He looked a bit different in his appearance since the last time. He was young and very appealing to her. Clean-shaven, which she loved; tight body; good clothes; very cute. She liked younger men. Not so much younger women necessarily, and she could be/had been with an older man and liked it, but for the most part her tastes ran to younger men.

She knew he had sent him. A warm loving feeling slid through her very essence. This meant she was correct in her assessment of their relationship, and that he had heard her and knew what she wanted and needed. And was perhaps offering it to her for the taking.

She couldn't keep her eyes off him. He was good, as always. He was very careful not to make much eye contact, if any. The times she had seen him out before had been the same. It was almost lack of eye contact that had told her he was one of them. Then, when he knew she had seen him, he moved away for a bit. Then walked by her in a few minutes nudging her arm in the process of moving through the crowd. Interesting, this esoteric, erotic meeting that anyone watching would have no inkling about; indeed, anyone she tried to tell would think she was, at the least, pathetic and delusional, and at the most, insane, for make-believing this random stranger was letting her know he was there for her, and her only.

Then he disappeared again! Oh, panic and frustration began creeping into her mind, along with the discordant singing from the lavender-headed girl on the stage. She had lost her chance. She wasn't used to picking up guys in bars, she needed a while to work up her nerve, to assemble her line for introduction, etcetera. She spoke to her friend and was trying to accept that this night would end like all the others, when she looked up and there he was. Standing close enough to her right arm to be within talking distance. He had been toying with her all along maybe? She didn't let a moment pass, but caught his very attentive eye and said, "Hi, you heard them play before?"

"No, I haven't. Hi, I'm Tracy. I was meeting friends here but don't see them," he offered.

"Oh, yeah? It's my friend's birthday. She loves this band. What do you think about them?"

"They're not that good, eh? Except that guy on the standing base, is pretty good," he shrugged.

"Yeah, I'm not really digging them too much either. But I'm here with my friend..."

"Well, I might head over to the Great Totem (her fav bar) and see what's going on there." Was it her imagination, or did she think he was teasingly enticing her away? All she wanted then was to follow him over there, and maul him somewhere along the way.

"Okay, well, maybe I'll see you over there," she managed to say before he was gone.

She was filled with mixed emotions. Was that a good encounter or not? Did she say something wrong, or that made him want to leave? Damn! It was going to not work out after all. She took a deep breath, and admonished herself to have fun anyway, as she gave as much focus to the band as she could summon, whilst looking around furtively for sign of Young Hottie.

A while later she realized, looking at her phone, that it was nearly 12:30. They only had an hour left and then all the music would stop and the bars would close. All hope of Hottie was pretty much abandoned by this time and she was trying to console herself for her impending isolation and lonely drive back to her cold house. Alone.

Off to Great Totem they went, where it was still really crowded, and evidently it was disco night. The three girls got their drinks and worked their way up to the stage where the djs were playing a medley of 70's and 80's dance tunes, winding between spilled drinks and drunken revelers. She cleared a corner on the wet, lime-strewn, drink-laden table for their drinks and began boogieing with the rest of the town.

She let all her cares slip away then, the missed opportunity that Hottie represented to her, the ideas of what she thought this was, but maybe wasn't, the cold frustration she was coming to believe would never end. And just danced. It was so much fun to enjoy this moment with her friend who was like a sister to her. They had been lovers in the past, but had moved on in their relationship to the best kind of friends, like sisters but without the tension sisters can bring at times. YMCA, You Spin Me, and Abba wound through her soul while she moved her body to the beat. It was nearing 1:30 and the DJs were about to play the last two songs when she looked over and saw Hottie dancing with the crowd. And he really knew how to move, which is saying something for a guy. "Well, good for him," she thought. I could not care less about him anymore, for leaving me tonight! As she continued to just dance in her zone, she noticed him weaving closer to her until he was next to her. She spit out a witty remark to him, then turned her back on him. He picked up the dialogue but it was hard to hear because of the music. He was trying to attract her, but she was disinterested by this point, having felt like he was having too much fun without her this whole evening, and feeling abandoned by him at the original bar. But she couldn't help herself. Before she knew it, she was gyrating against him and feeling his heat. By the last song they kissed right there on the dance floor and she was taken aback by how wonderful and full his lips felt, and how they blended with hers. Not a cold, stinky stranger kiss; but a warm, knowing, and welcoming kiss that hinted at pleasures yet to be had.

in luce vive, vive in amore

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