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Not much has changed since my last post. We decided to take marriage counselling from a counsellor in California via Skype who not only has had a lot of experience counselling poly folks, he's also been a poly person himself. I hope it helps. I'm getting awfully frustrated with W spending so much time with her guy, yet sleeping in the guest room and not having sex with me at all.

On the dating front, I had a blind date with a lady on Friday night, but it turns out she's cheating on her husband, and was unattractive to boot. I don't want to involve myself in that kind of thing. I think in the future I'll make sure I've at least seen a photo of the person before agreeing to a date. That way I don't waste the time of either of us.

Currently using SLS,, OKCupid, and AdultFriendFinder.
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