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Default Frustrated.....what do I do?

I am fairly new here however I've read enough posts to know that there are exceptional people here offering insightful advice. I'm asking for it now...
My husband(J) and I (D) have been seeing a man (B) who has been separated from his wife for the past 11 months or so. I know for a fact they are separated as her and I are best friends. She knows (and with her blessing) that I have been seeing her ex.
We have been intimate a few times and it's wonderful however the other day we were having lunch together and were conversing. He told me that he was changing (ok, I get that)...He was no longer the person that he knew and liked. He didn't know where he was going and he had this new "budding" spirituality. So, I asked him questions and we talked for a while. I listened to him and was supportive as I would want someone to be for me. After he brought up his spirituality, he was saying that he was upset because some of the things that he enjoyed in life were turning out to be wrong. I asked if that meant that his spirituality was guiding him in a direction that was away from us. He said yes, to a certain degree it was but that he was working on it. I didn't want to push him so I left it at that as he was very quick to say that he was working on it. What does that mean?
I am trying to give him room to sort out how he is feeling and I haven't heard from him since our lunch date which has been just over a week now. We usually talk all the time whether it's online, text, on the phone or in person. For the past month he has been over here (at my home with my husband) every weekend. Now I haven't talked to him and it bothers me. Do I continue to give him quiet time from me? Do I start the process of letting him go by not inquiring with him? Where do I go?
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