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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
Totally off topic, but OUCH, how cruel!
I agree, but I also believe she did the best with the tools she had.

I mean, she (my grandma) was kicked out of her family at probably 18 or so. Her family came from money and never approved of her choice to date that "poor farmer boy." When he got her pregnant, that was it. I assume she had the option of being shipped off to one of those homes for wayward girls to have her baby in secret and given up for adoption, but she chose love and her baby over her parents. So that's something, I guess.

Also, all this would have been the 1930s, a decade not exactly known for its progressive thinking and freedom of choice. Most likely, she was so busy trying to keep everyone's bellies full with scraps that finding time to be supportive was low on her list of priorities. That, combined with having little to no training in how to be a farm wife, would have pushed anyone to the limits.
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