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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
The "I'm going to live my life, if you want to be a part of it you need to be on board" conversation can be a tough one. This includes if she said it in a VERY constructive and emotionally sensitive fashion.


Trying to explain that to someone I have been monogamous for a number of years is going to cause some hurt feelings, no matter how I say it. But in the end it is a fundamental truth and it is better to get it out in the open early.
Thanks Marcus. I realize I can't compare what we have to what she has with her friend. What we have was built over a longer period of time and lots of experiences with each other. In the end I am happier with her, and if this is what she needs to do to be happy now, then I just let her explore it. I've told her I'm not happy with the fact that she loves someone else now, but its important to her. The fact that I don't have immediate feelings that everything is over kind of shows me that I could be OK with living this way. It's nothing that we figure out today but through time.
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