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Hi Calurion,
Welcome to our forum.

Stevenjaguar has it about right: At some point, early on, you bring it up that you're in a relationship with a polyamorous woman. You then ask your date if they have heard of polyamory, and if they have any questions about it. In the meantime, you learn as much as you can about polyamory so you can answer some of those questions.

Being in a poly relationship has its disadvantages, the main disadvantage being that it's just not accepted by mainstream society. As a result, you have to anticipate that it may be a difficult subject to bring up with someone you're dating, and yet you have to be honest and tell them, early on. Some people are going to be weirded out and there's not a lot you can do to safeguard against that.

I often suggest *not* dating at first, just developing platonic friendships. You can talk about polyamory with a platonic friend, without having the same amount of weirdness or pressure (like it's a proposition). Then you know if the person is okay with polyamory before things get romantic.

Hope this helps.
Kevin T.
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