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Default Thank you for the welcome

I appreciate your reponse and words of welcome. I have read and follow Franklin V's. various sites, love his intelligence and amazing writing skills, and it tickles me that he lives so close to where I used to own a house. It's fun to know exactly where he is talking about being.
I spent way too many hours last night reading in the golden nuggets threads, and you are right, what a huge resource of valuable and thought-provoking material.
After reading multiple comments about the difficulties of couples situations with only one person posting, I did want to clarify that TJ's reasons for not joining and posting are simply that her dyslexia makes prolonged reading on a computer screen, and writing/typing very tiring for her. I will try to to be very careful to make my posts in the singular, and to be clear at those times when I am quoting her or passing along her questions.
I'm sorry to have to ask but what does it mean to ping something and how would I do that?
Thank you again for your reply.
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