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Originally Posted by purpleboots View Post
Easy there vincenzo. I didn't come here to be lectured about my partner and coparents' betrayal and horrible treatment of me. We are dealing with it. I don't need advice here about rebuilding that trust or how we are moving forward and that's why I asked about another, smaller less complex issue. I appreciate your concern, but I don't appreciate being condescended to. I am a real person here, not just some words on the internet, and I'm going through a really tough time. Maybe you are too, maybe you're projecting, I don't know. I came here for support and advice. Not to be for my feelings. at no point did I state that I am only upset with H, and in fact I wasn't upset with her until she tried to dictate the terms of a conv ersation I thought should be between the two of us.I dont know, maybe I'm being immature. I've put the meeting with her on the backburner for now, working with G is more important to me.

Ps. We are not having sex without barriers until he gets tested. Twice. I don't really feel like having sex with him at all right now anyway if you must know.
Nothing similar happening for me to project. And you didn't seem only upset with H; the opposite beyond your feelings about getting together for a talk.
I'm not telling you off or talking down to you. I'm sad people you care about are treating you poorly and it does tend to offended me when people treat someone poorly while claiming to care about them. Its was concern rather than condescending. I'm glad you're taking steps to protect your sexual health. I'm sorry if I touched a sore nerve.
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