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I kinda lost it and called the meet off because i was so upset that she was ignoring my wishes. I think I felt betrayed that our friendship didn't merit a one on one conversation. In hindsight, I probably overreacted and I fear that she will now be afraid to be honest with me about her feelings. I don't even know how to approach trying to have a talk again and I feel extremely uncomfortable with the idea of G seeing her again while she and I (and him and me for that matter) have all these unresolved issues.
Well... could choose to own being HUMAN. We all are. Things happen.

Could choose to say something like...
"I want to apologize. I kind of lost it and called the meeting off because I was upset. I was upset because I felt like you did not value our friendship enough to merit a one-on-one talk first. I could have ASKED you about your feelings rather than assuming them. I could have TOLD you where I stood, rather than leaving you guessing.

Could I get a do over?

Yes. I am willing to meet in trio. I'd like to meet together first, just us though. That's what I wish I would have said.

Again I apologize for wigging out -- I had a human moment there. I wish I had handled it better. So I'm trying again and am willing if you are willing. "
Speak to willingness -- yours, hers, his. What IS everyone willing to put in here? Then see if the people can talk and move things forward.

Hang in there.

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