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Easy there vincenzo. I didn't come here to be lectured about my partner and coparents' betrayal and horrible treatment of me. We are dealing with it. I don't need advice here about rebuilding that trust or how we are moving forward and that's why I asked about another, smaller less complex issue. I appreciate your concern, but I don't appreciate being condescended to. I am a real person here, not just some words on the internet, and I'm going through a really tough time. Maybe you are too, maybe you're projecting, I don't know. I came here for support and advice. Not to be for my feelings. at no point did I state that I am only upset with H, and in fact I wasn't upset with her until she tried to dictate the terms of a conv ersation I thought should be between the two of us.I dont know, maybe I'm being immature. I've put the meeting with her on the backburner for now, working with G is more important to me.

Ps. We are not having sex without barriers until he gets tested. Twice. I don't really feel like having sex with him at all right now anyway if you must know.
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