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Default I'm all messed up.

Hi, everyone. I found this and I just hope this is the place to get some guidance. I just celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary in December. This week my wife and I had an extended argument about me being on down the totem pole of consideration for time and in some decisions. We had recently had a dinner date at a Thai restaurant, spent Saturday doing fun things that culminated at the Fox, in Atlanta. On Wednesday, she was trying to convince me to go to my Dad's, today. This was kind of pushy for her and made me curious. We were on facebook, sitting next to each other and she was angling her laptop so I couldn't see. I know it's not cool, but I logged into her account and saw shocking instant messaging going on. My wife and our housekeeper planning a tryst with explicit descriptions of what they were to do to each other. I blew up, showed her that I was logged on and she told me that it happened the same Saturday that we just spent going to Atlanta. She met her for breakfast and when they left, the housekeeper tried to kiss her. Now we have separated for a few days and she is with her. She is coming back Sunday, to talk. Divorce is in the air, but I love her and she has said she is confused and not said that she no longer loves me. The housekeeper is an ex dancer and has had other "girls" and her husband supports an open relationship. I'm treading in new territory here. Any help?

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