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Default Bah, things.

1) I don't care as much anymore if people find out I'm poly. My brand of poly will be understood by most people as simply being single with FWBs, or something like that. It's not like I'm going to have multiple live-in partners, or even "official" partners at all, at least at this point in my life. And I think that's really the only thing that would be a risk to my child custody situation. Yeah, I've become a lot more self-confident in the past few months. Because of a lot of things.

2) I realized I do not understand my own sexuality at all, and that is okay. What did I expect? Since I've only ever really been physically intimate with one person. But I keep thinking I understand it, and then realizing, hey! I'm totally wrong. Or at least partially wrong.

3) I hate not being able to talk honestly (even jokingly) with an ex about our former relationship simply because he is currently in a mono relationship with someone else. I have absolutely no desire to mess with that mono relationship, no wish to get back into anything with him, we are just friends. But do I have to pretend we were never romantically attached to one another? I hate faking things.
Independent polyperson seeking friendships, in which physical intimacy may or may not develop.

I do not wish to attach to any particular person. My love knows no limits.

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