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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
So cute girl forwarded your email/posts to a male friend that is not her primary partner?
Yes. She even goes out of her way to let me know when she's sharing the emails with primary BF, to the point where I've just started CCing him on the emails so he can read them or not. The consent for that was already both implicit and explicit, but that made it clearer, I thought. Apparently, she was forwarding them to OtherDude, with whom she is not involved, after being asked specifically not to share deeply personal information without checking first.

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
They then figured out who you were here and he got buddy-buddy with you on FB too? And one or both posted stuff from here or talked to others about stuff here, etc.? Did I get that right?
Neither seems to be a member here, that I can see. Just came and "stalked" (his words). When he sent me a FB friend request I had no idea he'd be shadowing my life over here, so I talked to him, and he apparently "played up the charm" so I'd be more willing to chat with him. It worked. I liked the guy (as far as I like friends-of-my-friends-on-the-internet). We had two short conversations, and that was that.

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
If so, yeah I agree with Marcus. The guy may be malicious as might be cute girl. It is more likely she is clueless and has poor ability to judge friends. Either way, they showed you who they really were.
She's not a malicious person. I've known her long enough to know that. She just seems unable or unwilling to keep anything I say to her confidential. That's going to be an issue, both in business and in friendship. Him? I have no idea. I can't imagine why one would go to so much trouble, including misquoting me here, to try and make me look bad simply because one does not hold the same world-view as another person.
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Developed a fast and accidental crush on then-best-friend, CG (cute-girl) and world fell apart after telling said girl. Came here for advice and info in case it became a thing. It didn't, but the friendship exploded. Turned world a bit upside-down, hence the moniker. ::sigh::
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