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Originally Posted by fleurisseur View Post
it is very funny

whatever I write here, in this forum, there is always someone that comes to say that I am stupid.

Or, in the opposite, is it "the stupid" (= the person that only understands his/her own brain) that comes to show he/she is the stupid one ?

big philosophy problem.............
As you know, I have had reason to look at your personal profile, read your description of yourself, and we have entered into personal correspondence. I would leave it at that, and have no intention of quoting from that private correspondence. But you are saying things openly on this forum that I feel need to be addressed.

Frankly, you come across as incredibly arrogant. YOU are philosophical. YOU have all the answers. YOUR role is "building the progresses of the other one".

WE are all stupid shmucks if we don't appreciate your wonderful lessons on "Life as it SHOULD be lived". Some of your other quotes:
I discovered that "the woman is a violin",
and I see my role as "playing the most wonderful symphonies she may sing"

Well, if I love you (it is YOUR ROLE to install in my heart a deep love for you ... )

So, please my darling, don't be afraid to become bisexual, I will help you.
I find those really condescending - and self-adulatory! I realise that English isn't your first language and this might be part of the reason, but I think that you should become aware of just how you come across to other people.

You started off an interesting discussion here, then said "Tell me your thoughts, please"
Then, when people don't see things the way you do, you criticise them, or pretend that you're on some higher level of illumination.

As far as I can see, nobody here has been abusive, aside from you. (I enjoyed redpepper's gentle sarcasm - but it was gentle.) I don't want to be abusive either, but I can't help imagining that poly family of yours...

(screen starts to wobble or mist over)

a) Judging by your avatar, you're a handsome [attractive], middle-aged man. Judging from your expression, you are well aware of that.
b) From your statements, you're in the teaching profession.
c) You say that all the women in your poly family are bisexual.
d) You say that you prefer bisexual women, that you find them more intelligent, more open, etc. etc.
e) You say to another member here: "So, please my darling, don't be afraid to become bisexual, I will help you."

I put that all in the blender and ask you:
1) Are any of the women in your family [ex-] students of yours?
2) How many men are in your family? Are they also alphas? Or are you the only one?
3) Do you just invite into your family the kind of woman who is likely to be bisexual?
4) Has it ever occured to you that some of these young, impressionable, hero-worshipping women in your family might be practicing bisexuality as a way to "please the teacher"? I mean, if they find you attractive and want your approval, and ALSO know that you think less favourably of women who AREN'T bisexual, don't you think that JUST MAYBE that might influence their behaviour?
5) Aren't "adaptable", "able to change" sometimes pseudonyms for "pliable", "easily moulded"?

I LOVE women: straight women, bi women, lesbians, young women, old women, women my age. But I'd never think to offer to "help" a woman to become bi - or lesbian or straight. I would certainly offer to support her through any shit that she was going through from people [friends and/or family] who rejected her choices... And if I suggested to a woman that she was a violin on which I was going to "play the most wonderful symphonies she may sing"... Well, I hope that she'd either laugh in my face or give me a smack in the gob.

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