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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
My teeth grind over my resentment about Maca's blase (don't know how to make the funny mark over the e) response.
OK, small detail to start with. U.S. keyboards probably don't offer an easy solution. If you compose your posts in Word®, click on "insert" > "symbols" > é. If you're lucky, down below the symbol chart, it should give you a short cut for doing this in future, so that you no longer have to compose in Word®. (If it doesn't, you should be able to invent your own... but make sure that you're not using one that's already a keyboard code for some other operation!) I can't give you the short-cut, because I'm using a Spanish keyboard, and the short-cut's probably different. (Aside from which, é is a standard on this keyboard anyway: ´ followed by e. But I used Word® to get the ®.)
Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
[My counselor] also told me that as far as she is concerned there is no point in joint counseling before we've gotten in 6-8 months of individual therapy.

Tonight was our relationship discussion day. last week he informed me he wanted to do counseling-and asked me to talk to my counselor.
So today, I let him know what she said. He feels that there isn't anything he needs help with. THAT would be the primary reason marriage counseling won't work.
I'm afraid that I've been over-hasty in judging Maca in the past, but if he really believes that the ONLY thing that he needs to work on is the relationship, he's off-base. Relationships don't usually need therapy UNLESS there are individual issues underlying. And - surely by now even Maca accepts this is true - he HAS got a history of denial.

As to 8pm suiting him but not you, it reminds me of that old chestnut of the man turning over and snoring without giving a thought to the fact that the woman has to lie on the sticky patch on the sheet. A relationship means GIVE AND TAKE!

May your dreams come true. (And about the book: I KNOW that you're busy, busy, busy! But make some time, even if it's in small patches, sitting on the toilet, or whatever. It's well worth reading!)
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