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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I want MY OWN HOME. When the kids are grown, I want a little home-that is JUST MINE. One bedroom with a magnificent full bath in it. One small guest bedroom and bathroom. A small kitchen and a breakfast nook. A “study” and a deck. A fireplace in my bedroom and one in the living room as well.
I want to decorate it with that which moves me most deeply. Photos, prints, papers, colors, fabrics that speak to my heart and of course-books.[...]

But, I want it to be MINE.

I don’t want “our home”.

I want “our property”. [...]
I believe with all of my heart, that if I had my own home; they could finally see and experience me for who I am in full, who I was meant to be, the full power of the woman they love, the depth of devotion I have for them and the strength of my love and commitment to them. They could see the real me. Instead of only seeing the me that struggles to survive within the confines and limitations that are placed upon me within the confines of their home…
This is a perfect cue for me to recommend my favourite adult novel of all time: Marge Piercy's "Woman On The Edge Of Time". The best blueprint that I know of for a healthy society - and every adult has their own space. You come out and share when you feel like it [most of the time] but you've got your OWN space to retreat to... and anyone who enters it does so at your invitation and on your terms.
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