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yup rory, it's precisely those kinds of things we needed to get clear!

I asked Ocean yesterday about his thoughts on my communication style... He said I was a really roundabout communicator and often went on tangents (when it comes to general communication) but he hadn't had any issues with the way I expressed myself emotionally. I think it could be that he does a lot of internal processing of his own emotions too, so recognises that in me and doesn't pressure me to talk before I'm ready.

Next week, I'm heading back to my home country for five days to sort a bunch of practical things. I had thought that Ocean would be able to go, but he can't in the end. Ah well. Will be good to see family and friends, if I have time after I get this work done. Hope to catch up a few times with Ella, too. I'm looking forward to things being better than last time I was there.

Menrva and Bert get back from their travels the day before I leave (conveeeenient!) I'm excited for Ocean, and also in terms of doing group things with everyone. We're planning a triple date (Ocean, me, Grotto, Bijou, Menrva, Bert) if we can schedule a time and place that suits everyone. There's a possibility that the four of us (before M&B get home) are going out together to a poly event this weekend. I'm easy either way; we've been seeing quite a bit of each other. Just see what happens.

Right now I'm chilling out at home after a busy Friday at the place I'm volunteering at. Grotto was going to be cooking dinner for Bijou, but she's changed that to tomorrow night so I might roll round there to watch a movie. Ocean and I had a scheduled date last night, and another one (for household chores + art) planned for tomorrow... He and I have been doing well for making quality time to till the soil of our relationship. We touch base at the start of the week and lock in time. A default is to see each other on Saturday... this has been working well for the past three weeks.

K, gonna enjoy a bit of time home alone before heading round to Grotto's. Happy weekend y'all!

p.s. Yesterday, Ocean called Grotto my "other husband"... I paused, gave him a quizzical look. He seemed sincere and chilled about it, and yeah - it felt pretty right. I don't usually call Ocean my husband, but he calls himself my husband. Guess things are really working out
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