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You could ask for the clarify. Keep it simple and ask the source what is up with that. Maybe something like...
"Hey, I wasn't snooping. But now I'm re-confused. Could you please explain so I can understand?

Last night when I asked for feedback you told me all was good. I felt reassured.

Then later this text thing popped up that where you mentioned not knowing what to do with me. So now I'm re-confused because that was after you told me you'd let me know if there was anything that needed to change.

Was it just like "Oh, that C... she just worries over nothing?" If so, can you reassure me that is what it was?

If it is you actually DO have something to tell me but aren't ready to share... I'd prefer you not tell me "all is ok" if there's actually things coming later. I rather you tell me "I do want to talk about something, but I'm not ready to share. How about a check in on _____? I may or may not be reasy to share, but I'll at least check in" instead.

All relationships have stuff, that's not a biggie, and I'm willing to work things out. But I just don't want to be told "all is good" and it is not actually good. That feeds my confused bucket. Since it's a lie (even a "polite lie"), it also feeds my worry/trust bucket. I want to be less confused. Not more in this relationship. I want to be able to trust your words in this relationship. Please be more clear and up front to me. Thank you."
Could something like that work?

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