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I immediately thought of my kids. I love all of them and usually spend time with them as a group.
But, I treasure my one on one time with each because its during that one on one time that we get to know each other more intimately ( not sexually of course).

The same is true with my grandson. I love spending time with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson altogether. But I treasure my time with grandson alone as it is this alone time that fosters the personal intimate love and trust between he and I.

The same is true of my siblings. I adore them and family time activities together are a blast. But driving to Seward with my brother allows us to delve into more personal topics and bond more closely. Drives to Fairbaks with my sister, the same.

My beloveds this is true as well. I love each of them as individuals and while family time altogether is great-its in the one-on-one moments that we cement our trust in each other, delve deeper into our more intimate selves and share together.

In each of my examples, the one on one time creates a stronger more solid bond and in turn makes joint times better for all.
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