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Originally Posted by Aquarius View Post
Wow not sure how I love you can be over used.

I know that it def can be 'under' used.

I say love you to my boys, my hubby my friends often. If I feel it I'll say it. I agree actions are important too. Without the actions the words are pointless. But without the words..... Would be a sad place.

I think people get scared with the phrase and what responsibilities ( read baggage) comes with it. Then don't say it. Love and all it's stuff can be heady,sweaty hot, cold,painful and ecstatic ! And sometimes at the same time. I love saying I love you to the ones I love. But please don't feel you have to say it back. Tell me when you want to, spontaneously when you feel it. Or don't . Your choice.
I say "I love you" as much as I wish, and anymore then that would render it a lesser phrase. This is how it feels to me, I cannot speak to other people's points of view. Everyone is going to have their own comfort level here, and unless the phrase is completely absent from one party, I can't see why someone would make any deal about this at all. Does anyone really think there is some optimum number of "I love you"s to satisfy a personal quota? Yuck.
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