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Default Ventura County - Oxnard

Hey there. 19 year old male, married, has a son.
I'm a polyamoromist and my wife and I were looking for any others/couples that we can give a shot getting to know a little better.
Local would be lovely but even an online thing in the meantime wouldn't be bad. My wife is still unsure/skeptical of being poly, so anyone that wants to get to know me better, solo, are welcomed too.

I'm 19, Light/medium skinned Mexican heritage. Not too bad looking. Need to exercise a bit more but not heavily obese. Obsessed with music, metal mostly. Video gamer. Love playing online games. Psychology student at local Community College. No income, live with parents, but have plans to move out to a university in a year and live off of loans while finishing up my degrees. I'm nice and sympathetic. Honestly an introvert.

My wife: 19, white, blue eyes brown here, skinny. Beautiful and charming. She loves photography and children. She takes pictures as a hobby but one day hopes to go to school for a degree. She's more outgoing,loves seeing nature, and loves spending time with our son.

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