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Default Just did a blog post about the trouble with fluid bonding

This thread got me thinking about the complexity, uncertainty, and stress fluid bonding (and negotiating and communicating about it) often adds to relationships, especially in a non-monogamous context. And especially because it seems typical for people to just start doing fluid bonding without really talking about this decision much -- not just the sexual health aspect, but the emotional and relationship meanings it holds for people. And once people have been having fluid-bonded sex, they often don't question whether they should keep doing it -- even when doing so is bringing them lots of misery.

As I noted earlier, personally I don't do fluid bonding -- mainly because it makes my relationships and life simpler and less stressful, and because I thoroughly enjoy safer sex. It's all "win" for me. (YMMV, of course)

So I fleshed this out into a blog post on

Why fluid-bonded sex is, um, "sticky"

It's gotten some interesting responses.

Thanks to the folks in this thread for getting my gears going on this!
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