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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
guessing about what the author intended. Ask 'em yourself. If they're dead? Oh well, guess you're just stuck with finding out what I got out of it, cause I don't care to guess at intentions!
You may be interested in looking up "Death Of The Author".
For a basic description, though, it states that the meaning within a work is not defined by the creator, but by the one experiencing it. Or "it means whatever the fuck you think it means".

Also goes to Shroedinger's bit - "He tended to over-analyse books and disagree with the "assigned interpretation.""

Not that I feel anything towards the guy. I was annoyed by those same people in school. Who would just take over. I think they are part of the problem, taking away a lot of that enjoyment of reading at high school ages. I'm not one for fictional works myself, because I was just so put off by a lot of it through time.

I'd also like to say that ""assigned interpretation."" as you say... I also hated that. Not just because of the death of the author stuff, which is not something I would have thought about back then. But because at the time, I felt like a lot of what my English teachers were telling me it meant, was just over the top.

Not from any literal piece, but as an example: If there is a sentence "she sits and milks her cow", to me, that says there is a woman milking a cow, and not someone contemplating suicide, because of the widespread poverty of the era, leading to a major plot point a few chapters later.

Of course, it "did" mean that, because "that is exactly what the author said it means".

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